Our Process

AFA's process embodies our pledge to you: We are not transaction oriented but offer a consultative approach intended to establish an ongoing partnership. We want to help you develop strategies to realize your evolving objectives and opportunities. Investments are just one part of planning for your financial freedom, but there's much more to what we do.

Discovery Meeting

First we get to know you: your needs, goals, wants, concerns, values and current situation. Achieving Your Financial Freedom depends on identifying what that means to you. From this free brief initial meeting, we will analyze your current investments and prepare a Retirement Analysis and a Portfolio Analysis.

Planning Meeting

Next we schedule a planning meeting. At the planning meeting, we review the analyses with you to establish where you are now and what direction you should be heading. If we agree we Arkin Financial Advisors can truly add value to your efforts to gain financial freedom, we will enter into a formal agreement and then we craft your personal Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

Implementation Meeting

Finally, we get together for an Implementation Meeting. We will review the IPS and make any necessary changes. Once complete, the IPS becomes our road map listing the types of assets we will invest in for you, the allocation to the various asset classes and the flexibility that we will have in allocating those assets. We will also complete a Fixed Income IPS, which will list the types of fixed income securities that we can purchase, the quality, and the maximum duration. Within the parameters discussed, you are in control and play an active part in the planning process. This is your plan - it's written with you in mind and customized to help you reach your specific and personal goals.

Regular Progress Meetings

We will meet regularly as necessary to review your current investments and discuss whether changes in your life have arisen which may impact your probability of achieving your goals. As necessary, we will evaluate whether changes to your IPS are warranted. Your life changes and your needs change, and the IPS is intended to be an organic plan that changes with the changes in your life.

Advanced Planning

During these regular meetings we will begin to discuss advanced planning topics, such as income tax planning, estate planning, wealth transfer, cash flow planning, educational need planning, insurance, and charitable giving. We work for you to help you achieve your financial goals and this is your opportunity to address any needs that you have.