True Wealth Management

Arkin Financial Advisors believes in True Wealth Management. We believe in in it so much that we emphasize it. Investment managers are stock pickers, and brokers are selling financial products. True Wealth Management is a comprehensive planning process that calculates what you have and what you need in order to gain financial freedom.

True Wealth Management includes:

Investment Management - There are tons of academic research providing statistical proof that active stock pickers do not add to the investment process. So what does add value? Considering risk in choosing asset classes and their allocations adds value. So does minimizing fund costs and considering taxes. We implement your strategy by using low cost funds. Many of the funds we use consider taxes in constructing the portfolio.

Investment Discipline - We emphasize logic over emotions. It's tough to see your assets drop in value in struggling markets, and it's equally difficult to sell those assets when they are soaring. By sticking to our road map and rebalancing your portfolio periodically, we increase the chance that you will meet your goals.

Tax Planning - Since Arkin Financial Advisors is affiliated with a CPA firm, tax planning is second nature to us. We always consider ways to lower your taxes. For instance, we carefully locate certain asset classes depending on whether they are in taxable accounts or non-taxable accounts. We tax loss harvest. We use long term capital gain strategies. We use municipal bonds where appropriate. We also consider the effect of taxes on transferring wealth to future generations.

Education Planning - Planning for college education costs is one stress you don't need. You are already stressed out with test results, college admissions, logistics, moving, settling in, and the inevitable occasional meltdown. By planning for college costs through 529 plans, paying for college is one stress you can eliminate.

Retirement Planning - While some may wish to be carried out with their boots on and some may want pursue other dreams after their first career, you want to know that you have the financial freedom to do whatever suits your fancy. Some people work because they enjoy the challenge, but everyone wants the freedom to walk away from work if the situation changes. We can help you calculate the financial consequences of retirement and help you to plan for the retirement of your choosing.

Insurance - Some risks you can't predict and you have neither the time nor the assets to cover all risks. In those cases you need insurance. However, we do not consider insurance to be an asset class. While it is an asset, we suggest insurance for those risks that you can't assume.

We don't minimize the need for insurance to cover the replacement of lost assets, protect your loved ones from the risk of a premature death or disability. However, there are many issues which can make many life insurance and annuity products poor investment choices.

On a consultative basis we will analyze your current insurance and make recommendations where appropriate.

Wealth Planning and Wealth Transfer - Did I mention that we are affiliated with a CPA firm and tax is our business? Well, that affiliation enables to provide a unique depth of financial services. We will analyze your current estate plan and work with you and your attorney to craft the most appropriate plan. The appropriate plan means that your estate plan is neither under planned, leaving you exposed to large transfer taxes, or over-planned, leaving you exposed to daily complexity in your financial life.

Meeting your Goals - Meeting your goals is not a one-time discussion. Your goals may change, your needs may change, and the environment always changes. That's why we repeat the process over and over again and adjust your plan to meet your changing circumstances.